Sunday, January 18, 2009

Industrial stuff

In my last post I mentioned something about the New City Centre. Imagine old industrial and railway station area turned into a new shiny centre of art, commerce and who knows what else. Add to that David Lynch and his film studio planned somewhere around this magnificent place:
EC-1EC-1 chair
...and you'll get a pretty nice outlook on the future of this area, which was once the first coal power plant in the city ("EC-1"), built in 1907.

However, if you're not really into such industrial-artsy-fartsy scenery, there's still the old city centre (which was once itself called "the New City" - long story) , full of charming vistas. More about that soon.

Friday, January 16, 2009


As today I'm on my way to the capital city of Warsaw, I thought it might be good to kill one and a half hour of train ride by composing a new post on my shiny new blog. For all those who thought Poland is all about polar bears, wooden huts, dense forests and vodka here's the news for you - as any other Central-European country we have trains, laptops and mobile Internet, so we can spam the InterSpace almost anytime and anywhere we want.

As you might probably have guessed, I expect the readers of this blog to be foreign (non-Polish) and planning to visit Poland, hence the basic important information stuff.

Did I write the word: "Warsaw"? Well, this blog is about Łódź, so I will not say anything more about that other city, other than that Łódź is located some 130km south-west of the capital, which means that on maps issued outside of Australia Łódź can be found to the lower left of Warsaw (If you haven't bothered to take a look at a map yet then here's a shortcut.). It takes about 1,5h to get here by train and about 2h or more if you use a car and don't get confused by the ridiculous road network that joins the two cities.

If you get here by train, you'll most probably end up here:
Łódź Fabryczna
Take a good look at this old station building, because it might be the last time you'll be seeing it! The area around the station is destined to be the New City Centre and is soon supposed to turn into a big hole in the ground. What will happen to the old station? It will be either turned into rubble and replaced with something new and shiny or, if the Forces of Good prevail, saved and restored.

Don't forget that Łódź has its own international airport, so if you're lucky to find yourself in one of the destinations Łódź has a direct regular connection with, getting here will be easy.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

First post thingy

Okay, so I made a few clicks and whoo - a new blog pops out in the infinite abyss of the InterWeb.
I wonder if the people who made the Net so accessible and easy to use ever feel the weight of what they've done. Everybody is equal! The ultimate democracy! My word can be as important and easy to find as the word of a real journalist or a 12-year old fan of ninja turtles. What? There are no adolescent ninja turtles fans nowadays? Anyway, it took me about ten minutes to write these few sentences which just have wasted a few seconds of your life. I'm not good at writing. nevertheless I've decided to waste a few bytes of the InterThing with this blog, which, to avoid humiliating myself too much, will hopefully consist mostly of photos. Photos of the city I live in, the city of Łódź.

Yay, I finally got to the point. This blog is dedicated to anybody who knows nothing, or very little about Łódź or wants to forget what he/she's been told about it. There might be some practical info here, but more often there won't. Mostly I plan just to ramble about things that get into my attention during my every day life here. Things concerning this city of course. The city of Łódź. The city of Łódź. Yes, I'll say it again, folks - the city of Łódź.

And, hopefuly, this is not the last post of this blog.