Friday, February 6, 2009

Art nouveau

Hey dudes and gals (all two of you), time for some more rambling about the one city of its kind, the city of Lodz. Actually, it's the City of Łódź, and if you've been wondering how to pronounce it, check out this cool promotional clip with a catchy tagline.

So, would you? I hope so, I don't want you to miss all the Art Nouveau goodness. Łódź is the only Polish city listed in the Réseau Art Nouveau Network, next to Barcelona, Vienna and La Habana. Neat, huh? We've got loads of art nouveau (or "Secession" as we call it) elements all over the city centre. Some of them are not so obvious and easy to find, so it's a great idea to take a stroll around the downtown and scan the building facades in search of the gorgeous detail.

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